Forum Title: Garage rear entrance door
There is nothing wrong with the door itself. The bottom of the frame & the wood under the saddle rotted from water damage. I have the saddle under control. What's the trick to repair the bottom of the frame about 6 from the ground on both side?
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: KRISTEN BARNETT (Costa Mesa, CA), 01/27/2019

I can understand why your friend doesn't want to work on it anymore. You're better off replacing it.

- REBECCA WRIGHT (Baytown, TX), 02/28/2019

There is no reason to replace the entire door & I plan to use new wood. The frame is one size in the middle & there is an inside & outside brick face molding which are different sizes. I can't cut just one piece of wood & mount it.

- FERNANDO WARNER (Macon, GA), 02/22/2019

If 6 of jamb is bad on each side I would get new jambs. If the sill and threshold were bad, that should really be repaired with the jambs... To change the jambs you have to pull the door. The sill and jambs are stapled together at the corners. The corner connections have to be strong or else when you slam the door or kick the sill everything moves around. And if you are replacing 3 sides... you are only saving and reusing the top. I agree the whole jamb should probably go but your call. Maybe if it was more clear how bad its rotted. Got any pics? I have some jamb repair pics online... I will try to find them.

- GEORGIA WOLFE (Fort Smith, AR), 02/06/2019

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