Forum Title: Sliding Aluminum Windows Leaking at the weeping holes corners?
One of the aluminum sliding window i believe is leaking at the corner frame under the weeping hole. When it rains hard, water accumulates inside the track and flows towards the weeping holes and exits outside trough the outside weeping hole. At the end corners the inside wood, under the wood is getting wet. I've cleaned the weeping holes from outside, and water is draining out. I've sealed caulked around the exterior of the window frame. This is only happening when water gets into the track and flows to exit trough the weeping holes. My questions are: Can i replace the pile fins weather strippings and how to do it? Do i need to remove the black molding around the windows? Looks like the pile fins are inserted into some kind of T shape track inside the black molding.... and if yes will this stop the water coming into the track? Is there a way to get to the inside of the corner frame so i can seal the corner inside? without taking the entire window frame out? If I remove the part in the photo and the black molding would i be able to see the inside corner frame? Could I just seal close the corner ends weep holes trying to seal the window frame and drill new inside weep holes one inch to the side? From the photos can anybody tell me what brand of aluminum sliding window i have? They are condo windows from 1986.... Thank you in advance for your time and advice's....
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: ServiceMaster Clean (Franklin, TN), 01/29/2019

Yes, you will likely need to skilsaw up one side of your trim to widen it a hair. You want to make that cut on the hinge side and make sure its a plumb cut. You will want the width that the storm door sits in to be 31 3/4... assuming both sides will be plumb and parallel. If your current storm door fits, odds are another 32 storm door will fit too. Height is within specs.

- BESSIE VAUGHN (Milpitas, CA), 02/08/2019

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