Forum Title: Where to buy a window gasket sealer ?
Hi there! Can somebody recommend me where to find a window gasket sealer? This is a small plastic strip attached to the top of the window to prevent water leaking during the rain. It is inserted into a narrow slot in the window. I am in Chicago and I checked all major stores: Home depot, Lowes, Menards and there is nothing like this available. Are there any stores that specialize in things like this? Can I buy it online? Thank you! M
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: BERNICE BANKS (Boca Raton, FL), 01/10/2019

There are some problems that we can't diagnose sight unseen. This is one of them. So please tip your window down as if you were going to clean it, and take some pictures of the side you are having problems with.How to post images.

- MICHELLE LOPEZ (Schenectady, NY), 02/09/2019

Thank you for your answer. Can you elaborate a little bit? Maybe you can give me an example? what keywords do I use to find them? f I google real hardware stores or glass companies - there will be too many results...

- CODY FLETCHER (Asheville, NC), 02/24/2019

Uhhh Try hardware store with your location entered somehow. Same with glass repair. You do have sections, boroughs, neighborhoods something like that don't you? Maybe South Chicago, North Chicago...whatever is common terminology in your area. Ask neighbors or maintenance man types. We don't live next door to you, so sorta hard to know what's near by. You could also order online if you dig a bit into what it's actually called. If it fits in a slot in the window, then it sounds like it was original TO the window. Unless you know the manufacturer, you may have to improvise. If it were me, I'd probably just make it if I couldn't find it, but doubt you are in that position.

- WILLIE BARKER (Warren, OH), 02/24/2019

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